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Sean Winchell Biography

Sean WinchellSean Winchell - Owner/Independent Agent

I began my financial career in 1993 and have experience in the banking, financial planning, mortgage, investment, and insurance industries. In financial planning I advised and served families with risk management, debt management, and asset accumulation. As my career progressed it became apparent that risk and debt management were the areas I wanted to focus in which to serve others. So many individuals and companies can endure financial hardships due to poor planning or knowledge in managing risk. Sadly, many people and businesses incur life altering financial losses because they don't understand insurance or can't find the amount of needed coverage at an affordable price. That's where the true benefit of an independent agent comes in. I can assess the needs of every client without the bias or pressure of managers to sell. Determining and clearly communicating a client's needs is critical along with explaining all the potential pros and cons of product solutions. I believe this is where my strongest value is. I believe in giving people advice that is in their best interest, whether it's something they want to hear or don't want to hear. I believe that's part of the Golden Rule and the way we all want to be treated. My other strength is the positioning as an independent insurance agent with a spectrum of top insurance companies and products for personal and business needs. I believe in open competition for insurance products to in order to obtain the best and lowest cost solution. I offer the wide national selection and convenience to shop for you. This saves you time, money, and headache. We are strategically affiliated with one of the largest independent insurance providers in the nation. This allows me to find the best and most cost effective service for every client's specific need. It also allows me to quickly change insurers if a company policy, premium, or service no longer best suits a client. So if you want advice always in your best interest, attention to detail, selection of top national companies, and honesty every time, I would be happy to serve you.

God bless and best wishes,

Sean Winchell

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